Access Control

From controlling a single door to all of the doors in a high-rise building, Warman Security can design the system that will meet your security needs. A wide variety of products can be integrated to create the right system for you: proximity tags, photo I.D. cards, digital keypads, as well as biometric scanners can be used with a high-tech access-control system from Warman Security. Ask our access-control specialists.,,

Keri Systems Doors.NET Software & NXT Hardware Product Family

Doors.NET"" by Keri Systems, begins with sophisticated Microsoft.NET and SQL-based software, operating in a true Client/Server environment. Feel free to enjoy multiple concurrent users, logged-in across multiple concurrent sites, all accomplished without the imposition of third-party client licenses fees. For security reasons, Client/Server applications have been deemed far superior to Browser-based applications for security and information integrity. Plus, you can count on Doors.NET for ease of use and administration, as the user interface has been designed around an extremely intuitive front-end.

Whether your application calls for dozens of operators or thousands of doors, Keri's Doors.NET is the answer. Either of our 2-door or 4-door controllers will store 48,000 cardholders in resident memory. They can communicate seamlessly over your existing network or you may decide to create a new network utilizing simple CAT-5 cable. NXT-4D and NXT-2D panels are equipped with 4-pin terminal blocks and RJ connectors for ease of connection to your network. Once connected, an intuitive, one-button auto-configuration process via embedded MAC addresses facilitates system set-up.

  • Use existing network or create your own
  • Optional USB connection scheme
  • Email and SMS Messaging
  • Photo Recall and Photo Badging (badging optional)
  • Digital Video Monitoring and Storage/Retrieval
  • Remote management of one site or multiple sites
  • Ease of installation and operation
  • Scaleable and expandable

Keri Systems - Access Control

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