Trigon Electronics

Company Profile

Trigon Electronics has been in the "access control" market since 1976. It was started out of necessity as the founding owner wanted a device to allow access to his apartment building, thus a company was born. Bill Gagnon owned the company for a number of years until it was sold in 2000.

Trigon was bought in 2000 by Lorna & Milton Sneller. Milt has his PhD in Business & Masters degree in Electrical Engineering with many years in the manufacturing industry. Lorna is the primary owner with experience in the manufacturing business as well.

Numerous new products have been developed over the past two years, including expanding into the emergency tower market. To date our Emergency Telephones & Towers have been installed at major Universities such as Chapman University, University of California at Irvine (UCI) and MANY other facilities across the U.S.

Trigon bought a 17,000 square foot facility in Corona, Calif., in early 2004 to accommodate our expanding sales and services.

In 2009 Trigon opened a complete fabrication shop complete with a laser and press break. We fabricate our own enclosures and that allows the ability to EASILY customize any enclosure for any job!

Trigon has applied for and received several Patents. In 2009 Trigon applied for Patent on our Trigon Electronic Doorman (TED) technology. It is available in all Trigon units starting Spring of 2010!

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