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Video SurveillanceCommercial or residential, Warman Security can offer you the right surveillance products to meet your needs. Warman Security proudly offers a completely digital video surveillance and storage system, simple to set up and operate. Upgrades to existing systems are just as easy. Ask us how.

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Hik Vision


Mirasys Ltd. is one of the leading suppliers of open platform Video Management Software (VMS) for camera surveillance applications. Based in Helsinki, Finland, Mirasys has sales offices and resellers on all continents.

With a continuous chain of Industry Firsts since 1997, Mirasys is probably the most innovative company on the camera surveillance market.

Video SurveillanceThe Mirasys Advantage

Mirasys is at the forefront of acquisition, analysis, storage and presentation of high definition video and audio, offering several key advantages:

  • Unrivaled Scalability: The system scales from a single camera to hundreds of thousands of cameras installed on several sites over a wide area.
  • Hybrid Systems: The open platform management system of Mirasys supports legacy analog cameras and network (IP) cameras alike, allowing an easy transition between the technologies.
  • Easy Integration: Mirasys offers a fully open and manufacturer independent camera surveillance system that is easy to integrate with cameras, other devices and systems from other manufacturers.
  • Open Analytics Platform: Any type of Video Content Analytics (VCA) system or algorithm can be integrated with Mirasys VMS.
  • Cost Effectiveness: Mirasys system installs on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware using a single centrally managed license for all system components, resulting in lower costs than competitive systems.


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